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11 Ways To Beat Malta’s Heat During Your Summer Wedding

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1. Choose a breezy venue

You want to find a place with suitable ventilation. A venue that’s got a 10-foot wall around its perimeter will stifle even the smallest of breezes. Instead opt for somewhere close to the sea or on the top of a hill to allow for better circulation. Ideally, you also want to find a venue which includes an indoor space that’s well airconditioned, especially for your more elderly guests who you don’t want to keep sitting in the sun all day. 

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2. Start at an appropriate time

When it comes to summer, the later the better. We’re talking 7pm or later so that the sun starts to subside a little. If you must have a noon wedding, make sure it’s appropriately shaded and that you have sunblock available for your guests.

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3. Ease up the dress code

The best thing about a wedding is seeing your closest friends and family have the time of their lives while celebrating your special day, so you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Sure, suits and ties help to create a more memorable occasion, but when you’re opting for a July-August wedding, you might want to ease up the dress code by telling guests (especially the men) to drop suits and ties. Besides writing a note on your invitation, you should also set the example by dressing down your groomsmen. Also, it might be a good idea to tell your guests not to wear black – this will keep you cool and not make your wedding look like a fucking funeral, so it’s a win-win really. 

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4. Help the airflow with industrial fans

Renting a dozen industrial upright fans and spreading them around the venue can really help, especially when your guests hit the dancefloor and need a quick way to cool off. If the venue does not have great ventilation, fans are an absolute must-have. And you could try misting fans too if you want to add a little extra freshness.


5. Give out hand-held fans

This is probably the cheapest but most effective thing you can do: buy a whole bunch of paper fans and hand them out to guests. This could also double as your wedding gift if you spend a little extra and get them customised with your names. One special trick is to hand out the fans while your groomsmen are picking up the enveloped cash-gifts that have become so popular in Malta nowadays. When your guests arrive, most of them will be using the envelopes to fan themselves, so it’s great to give them back a hand-held fan when you collect the envelopes. Try do this before the envelopes are soaking wet! Also, why not try something different and have special fans for men?


6. Provide ice-cold infused water dispensers

If there’s one thing your guests are going to want on a particularly hot summer’s day, it’s ice-cold water. Instead of making them queue up at the bar for this, you should provide water dispensers all over the venue. And just to make things fresher, put some cucumber, lime, lemon and mint, into your water to create added freshness. 

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7. Opt for a fresh catering menu

Instead of heavy and warm food, opt for food items that are light and fresh: e.g. salads instead of risottos, or grilled fish instead of roasted meat. A barbecue could add to the summery vibe of the wedding but be careful where you position it so that it’s not adding to the heat. The less open flames and BBQ smoke around your guests, the better.

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8. Keep a small medical team close by

This might sound extreme but if it gets particularly hot and there’s absolutely no breeze, some of your guests may feel sick and even pass out. Either way, it’s good to have a medical team around even for other emergencies or injuries that might occur. 

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9. Provide frozen drinks 

This is why cocktail bars are so important at summer weddings. There’s nothing like a refreshing mojito or a frozen margarita to really help you cool off while still getting that extra kick you want at a wedding. If you can’t afford a cocktail bar, make sure there’s lot of ice to go around even with the other drinks.

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10. Choose flowers that don’t wilt in the sun

You might want to replace flowers altogether and just get big shading plants instead to help cool down the atmosphere. But if you do opt for flowers, be wary of species that could wilt with the sun and the heat. Speak to your florist to make sure you’re choosing the best ones. And you might want to store your bridal bouquet in the fridge to make sure it’s extra fresh. 

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11. Fill the restrooms with survival kits

Create a special heat survival kit and place it in all the restrooms. This should include deodorant for men and women, wet wipes, and maybe even some cold face towels. 


Thanks to Mark Cassar Photography for helping us come up with these great tips!

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