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We’re Colossally Fucked: Malta Has The Highest Share Of Man-Made Structures In The EU

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Have you recently found yourself driving around Malta thinking we might have a tad too many buildings? Well, you’re not wrong. At all. And now, you’ll have actual proof to support your argument.

Eurostat has been carrying out land use and coverage area frame surveys (LUCAS) to investigate changes in land use in European countries. In other words, they want to know how much land is covered by man-made structures. 

And boy do we have some depressing news for you. 

Nearly a quarter of Malta is covered by artificial surfaces

Are you ok? 

We are followed by the Netherlands, which only has 12.1% of its land covered by artificial surfaces. 

That’s like less than half of our shitty 23.7%. And besides, do you know how much larger that country is?

Now dears, keep in mind that this survey is from 2015, when we had less stuff being built all over the country. Think back at all the new developments which have popped up in the last three years, and remember that Malta isn’t getting any larger.

The survey takes into account the 28 member states of the EU to see what is the percentage of land covered by artificial, man-made surfaces and built-up areas.  #Progress

4% is the average number of land in European countries covered by man-made surfaces

That means that Malta has the highest proportion of man-made structures in Europe, not to mention it’s nearly six times over the average.

We’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. 

Let’s quote the findings’ article just in case you are still recovering from the shock, but we promise it’s only going to say the same thing:

“As such, Malta has the highest proportion of land covered by man-made surfaces.”

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Inner East London is the area with the highest artificial surface coverage in the EU (78.9%)… but London is a city, not a whole country.

Seriously, only 2% of Estonia is covered by artificial structures. Don’t give us no “but we have a small country hiiii” bullshit. 

And in case you’re not sure what this all means; here’s a hint; we need to take care of the little we have.

Artificial Land Cover 2015 Share Of Total Area

What do you make of this latest revelation? Let us know in the comments below

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