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What To Do If You’re In Malta For Just One Day

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If you’re island-hopping on a cruise or are here for a short business trip, you’ll want to make the most of your one day of vacationing in Malta. Here’s your entire itinerary all planned out. You’re welcome.

1. Start the day with breakfast in Sliema 

The Sliema Promenade is one of the most beautiful places to start your day, and if you’re lucky  (or diligent) enough, you may just catch the stunning sunrise on your morning walk. Pair this with a tasty breakfast and you’re sorted – you might want to consider one of Mint‘s famously fresh homemade meals.  

2. Catch a water taxi to Valletta 

The ferry leaves every half an hour, and while it’s a short trip, it’s also the best way to make your way to Malta’s capital city. While heading out of Marsamxett Harbour, get ready to take a snap (or five) of impressively beautiful Valletta.

3. Explore Valletta and have a coffee at one of the bars on Strait Street

Since you’re pressed for time, you’ll want to check out Valletta’s highlights. Go for St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the Upper Barakka Gardens (which has the most impressive views of the Grand Harbour). For a coffee head down to the country’s old red light district, Strait Street, which is now an echo of the roaring 20s with establishments like Tico-Tico, StrEat and Loop Bar

4. Head down South for a fish lunch in Marsaxlokk

A bus ride from Valletta to Marsaxlokk takes a little over 30 minutes, and trust us, it’ll definitely be worth your while. There’s this one road in Marsaxlokk that has all the restaurants you could ever hope for, but we’d definitely recommend getting fish (you are on an island after all).

5. Make your way to Mosta for a snack and a dose of history

Mosta is the perfect stop to break up your long-ish journey back north. While there, be sure to check out the Mosta Rotunda, which is seen as the third biggest unsupported dome in the world.  

If hunger rears its ugly head again, Molly’s Cafe has some of the best homemade pancakes in Malta. However, if you can wait a while, we’d recommend you leaving some space for the next stop…

6. Spend the evening in Rabat and Mdina

Mosta is basically next-door-neighbours with Rabat, so it won’t take you long to get up to the beautiful hill. From there, it’s just a short walk to Mdina, Malta’s old capital city. Make the most of the setting sun with a panoramic view of half the island from the Mdina bastions, where you can spot all your previous stops of the day.

If you’ve been saving yourself for a cheeky snack, Fontanella has some of the best cakes in Malta with views to spare. But the real treat here are the amazing, traditional pastizzi from Serkin in Rabat just outside the old city. They are hands down Malta’s favourite stop for these delicious snacks.

7. Finish the day off by stargazing in Dingli 

Just around the corner from Rabat is the quiet town of Dingli. Just beyond that are the iconic Dingli Cliffs, which are beautiful by day, but at night boast the most beautiful night sky, free from light pollution and endless crowds.

8. Or hitting up the bars and clubs in Paceville

If you fancy yourself a bit of nightlife, Paceville is a collection of the best bars and clubs in Malta, and they’re all literally next door to each other. Also, they’re free, and full each and every night of the week.

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