All Of Ray Mercieca's Outfits From X Factor Malta's First Season

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Ray X Factor Malta Outfits

It's been three days since the X Factor Malta ended, bit we're still thinking about it. Are we milking the cow dry? Perhaps. But we couldn't round things off without paying homage to perhaps the most consistent of personalities on the show; Ray Mercieca.

And we're paying that homage by taking a look at Ray's most iconic looks from the entire season, from auditions to the finale.

1. Auditions

Ray had a staple outfit for all four of the audition days; a t-shirt, black cap, and black sunglasses.

It may not have been very sunny inside, but I appreciate his commitment. I also appreciate that he switched it up slightly on one day and went for a blue and black Fred Perry t-shirt, chucking in a little brand exposure.

Screenshot 2019 01 29 At 13 09 41

2. The pre-bootcamp party

Ray showed us that the black hat and sunglasses aren't just a day-time look, as he dressed them up with a fancy button-up Fred Perry shirt.

3. Bootcamp

Ah, I think I'm seeing a pattern here.

Black hat, black sunnies, and a Fred Perry top. But this time, the top was green.

Ray Bootcamp

4. The chair challenge

I'm pretty sure you know what I'm going to say about this one. We love consistency.

5. Judges' houses

Woah, slow down there kid.

No sunglasses, a newsboy cap, and a denim jacket? Who are you?!

6. Live show 1

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one.

The black hat doesn't quite work without the sunglasses. But I like the leather jacket. Very hipster-indie-rocker-chic.

7. Live show 2

Ah, that's better.

8. Live show 3

He really pulled out all the stops for the movie spectacular episode. I'm genuinely a fan of the biker gloves. And I'm glad to see we haven't lost the hat and sunnies combo.

9. The finale

The classic Ray look, paired with a snazzy blue suit, was the perfect way to round off the season.

If you're coming back next season, Ray, I only have one request: bring back the gloves.

Which Ray outfit was your favourite? Let us know in the comments and tag somone who wears sunglasses indoors

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