Here Are The 14 Girls Competing For A Chair On Sunday's X Factor Malta Challenge

Only six of these singers will be going through to the finals

Girls Chair X Factor

After endless rounds of auditions, drama and tears, this Sunday's episode of X Factor Malta will see 14 talented young female singers competing in the 'Girls' category fight for a seat in the first round of the Chair Challenge.

For anyone who isn't X Factor obsessed, here's what that means:

The girls will sing in front of the judges and a live audience, and compete for a seat in one of the six available chairs. The judge leading that category (in this case Howard Keith) will have to decide wether to give the singer a seat or not.

If all the seats are filled and the judge wants to give a contestant a place, they have to choose one of the singers already sitting down to be swapped out. The audience is also encouraged to join in on the choice making by shouting the number of the chair they think should be swapped out.

Chair Challenge X Factor Malta

Here's a reminder of the 14 girls who will be singing this Sunday. Who's your favourite?

1. Danica Muscat

2. Gail Attard

3. Jade Vella

4. Karin Duff

5. Kaylie Magri

6. Kelly Moncado

7. Kelsey Bellante

8. Raisa Marie Micallef

9. Michela Galea

10. Michela Pace

11. Nicole Brincat

12. Nicole Frendo

13. Shauna Vassallo

14. Victoria Sciberras

Who do you think deserves a place on a chair? Let us know in the comments below!

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