Local Designer Behind THAT X Factor Malta Outfit Has His Say... And Shares His Favourite 'Creative Criticism'

'It did exactly what I always set out to do'

Luke Azzopardi Alex Alden Malta X Factor

So, last night's first X Factor Malta live show was quite a rollercoaster of emotions; from cheesy musical theatre openings, to Ben Camille's turtle neck and blazer combo, to Franklin's surprise elimination, shit went down indeed. But perhaps the most controversial thing of all was... that outfit.

You know the one.

Judge Alex Alden's outfit was definitely one of the biggest talking points from last night's live show

The young judge last night sported a unique piece made by local designer Luke Azzopardi, who will be styling her for all the live shows to come.

The silk gown in a deep jewel-toned pink paired with a gold head piece, turned many heads for its Greek/Roman-esque vibes.

However, it also attracted the ire of a few local memesters.

Designer Luke Azzopardi, however, reacted to all of this in the best way possible

Not only did Azzopardi acknowledge all the discussions his outfit had stirred, saying the dress "did exactly what I always set out to do - explore that fine line between fashion/costume history and couture, all in beautiful fabrics"... but he also took to Instagram stories to share some of the most "creative criticisms".

Sharing everything from people saying he must love Good Friday processions to others hinting at the young judge having stolen her mother's bedsheets, Luke even provided some running commentary that, much like Alex herself, would have us quoting Julius Caesar saying, "It's a yes from me".


We have a couple of exciting Alden/Azzopardi collabs to look forward to, and TBH we can't wait. Bring on us all the controversial outfits; I vote for a pirate-inspired catsuit next.

What did you make of Alex Alden's outfit last night? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who had some opinions!

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