Malta's 'Chameleon' Climbs Eurovision Odds List As Music Video Joins Top Three Most Viewed Entries On YouTube

Michela's bagged over one million views already!

Michela Chameleon Million Odds

Only five days after being uploaded to YouTube, Malta's Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Chameleon' has surpassed the million view mark, shooting up to the third most viewed Eurovision 2019 video.

The top viewed video is The Netherlands' entry, at almost 2,550,000 views, followed by Switzerland's at almost 1,100,000 views.

At the time of writing, 'Chameleon' is at 1,021,463 views, but that number is rising rapidly

This is especially interesting when keeping in mind that it was the last of the 41 songs to be released.

In the meantime, Chameleon has also shot up the odds from the already respectable position earlier this week

There's still a few months left until the ESC Semi-Finals, but until then Chameleon, is sitting comfortably at a predicted eighth place according to recent odds.

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In the meantime, here are the top five hopefuls battling it out for the title of ESC 2019 winner... at least as far as YouTube views go.

1. The Netherlands

'Arcade' by Duncan Laurence

2. Switzerland

'She Got Me' by Luca Hänni

3. Malta

'Chameleon' by Michela Pace

4. Germany

'Sister' by 'S!sters'

5. Belgium

'Wake Up' by Eliot

Which is your favourite entry this year?

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