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POLL: Who From Last Night’s Overs Category Deserves To Move On To X Factor Malta’s Live Shows?

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Last week, we asked you which of the 12 contestants from the ‘Overs’ category you think deserve to be given a seat on their Six Chair Challenge episode.

To be honest, votes were spread pretty evenly amongst the contestants, with Franklin Calleja earning the highest vote and Laura Bruno, Vanessa Sultana and Anna Azzopardi tied for lowest vote. But there wasn’t much difference in number of votes between each contestant, which just goes to show what a strong category this was.

Overs X Factor Malta

We want to hear from you again. From the six who went through, who do you think deserves to keep going all the way to the live shows?

Here’s a reminder of the contestants and their performances.

1. Anna Azzopardi

Singing ‘Son of a Preacher Man’

2. Franklin Calleja

Singing ‘In The Arms of an Angel’

3. Vanessa Sultana

Singing ‘I Am Changing’

4. Ben Purplle

Singing ‘Creep’

5. Anna Faniello

Singing ‘Nessun Dorma’

6. Petra

Singing ‘Never Tear Us Apart’

Let your thoughts be known! Who do you want to see make it to the live shows?

Tag a friend who didn’t watch yesterday’s episode, but really needs to!

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