Selfless X Factor Malta Singer Turns Out To Be The Vocal Teacher Of The Rival Contestant She Helped

A teacher's passion knows no bounds

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The selfless generosity displayed by X Factor Malta contestant Danica Muscat has been applauded by viewers across the island, but it turns out the story runs deeper than we first thought.

Nicole Hammett, the contestant who Danica helped out, wasn't just another friend from the show, she was also her student.

Despite winning the race to be one of four contestants able to sing Bang Bang (a song known to show off powerful vocals), Danica gave up that opportunity and traded places with a visibly-distraught Nicole.

X Factor Malta Nicole Hammett

Nicole laments not getting the song she wanted

Danica is a vocal coach at Harmonic Ensemble, and her teaching instinct was quick to kick in when she saw one of her students in need.

Commenting under the clip of Danica's bootcamp performance, Nicole's mother, Sandra, expressed how much respect she'd earned with one simple gesture.

"[You] did a great thing giving her song to my daughter Nicole, her student. You are not only a great vocal coach, but more importantly a friend."

X Factor Malta Nicole Mother
X Factor Malta Danica Nicole Hug

Danica and Nicole embrace post-swap

Luck was not on Danica's side during this stage of the competition as she was asked to change her song for a second time later that day.

Originally swapping from Bang Bang to Ellie Goulding's Burn, judges Howard Keith and Ray later asked Danica to make one final swap to Rag'n'Bone Man's Human, so it came as no surprise that on stage she started her performance by slipping up lyrically.

Pushing past the opening error, she eventually found her feet, powered through, made it to the next round, and did it all while helping out as many people as she could along the way.

Nicole, on the other hand, did not make it through bootcamp, and despite swapping to her preferred song, was sadly cut from the show.

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