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These Are The Two X Factor Malta Contestants Most Likely To Win, According To Current Odds

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With the second semi-final of the X Factor Malta live shows just around the corner, the race for the top spot is getting closer and a lot more intense.

For the viewers among us who are just dying to get in on the competition, now’s your chance (pictured punching contestants not included)

Local betting company YoBetIt have provided us with a rundown on the odds of who’s most likely to end up at the top and who will be battling to stay in the competition. They’ve also valued them, so you can take some risks and reap the benefits.

Currently, Michela Pace and Owen Leuellen are battling for the top spot

The two young singers – who have been strong favourites since the very beginning – are the contestants most likely to win judging by the odds.

They’re closely followed by Kelsey Bellante and Nicole Frendo, who are neck-in-neck for third place.

On the flip side, Luke Chappell and Norbert are tied for the second-to-last place, with Xtreme at the bottom following last week’s dramatic sing-off.

Who do you think is most likely to win X Factor Malta?

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