WATCH: A Bunch Of European YouTubers Are Reacting To Malta's Chameleon, And They're Pretty Shook

'What the fucking fuck Malta?'

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Sitting comfortably at over 500,000 views in the #1 trending spot on YouTube, Malta's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest is getting quite some attention, and it's definitely not just local.

Michela Pace's new single Chameleon is making waves amongst the international Eurovision scene, with loads of fanatics being shocked by the 'current' style of the song. "Malta, welcome back to the Eurovision," is a phrase we're hearing lots of after failing to qualify for a few years.

International Eurovision fans are posting videos of their reactions to the song

To summarise: they love it.

And these guys are hardcore fans who 1) know what they're saying and 2) wouldn't hold back if they didn't like it. Here's a collection of some of our favourite reactions.

1. This young French boy who is convinced we're going to win

And has a pretty impressive understanding of the Maltese language TBH. Starting out with a 'il-lejla t-tajba Malta' and chucking in a few 'grazzis' and 'Vallettas' in there.

2. A grown British man who busts some serious moves

Andy from Eurovoxx (don't be rude) is a fan of the song and is ready to dance along to Chameleon at the final.

3. I don't really know what to say about this one

'Lethargic Sloth' reacts to 'Chamilia' by 'Michela Pase'.

He thinks the video is 'visually stunning', but wasn't really impressed by the drop.

4. Another British guy who disguises his reaction video as an opportunity to show off his singing voice

He also slips in a 'lejla t-tajba' before going on to talk about Mikayla Pasayyyy, who is waiting for a Maltese victory by the way.

He calls himself the 'kiss of death' for Maltese songs though, so not sure we want his approval.

5. Chev has made his choice, but he's not quite sure what it is

He thinks that Chameleon will do well if the staging is impressive enough.

6. ESCunited is officially the MOST European thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Other than Eurovision, of course

And Matt is quick to catch on to the link between Michela's Chameleon and Ira's Chameleon. And he doesn't like the use of the phrase 'na na'.

But he's overall pretty impressed.

7. I'm including this one because it's the only reaction video that includes a girl

I have no idea what they're saying though. They're not speaking English.

BONUS: Not a reaction, but an acoustic cover

Yes. This is already a thing.

What do you think of Chameleon?

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