WATCH: Adorable 65-Year-Old X Factor Malta Auditionee Has Got Us Right In The Feels

Alfred Briffa dedicated his performance to his late wife

X Factor Malta officially (and finally) kicked off last Sunday, and we've already spoken about the memes, the Maltese Eminem and even petitioned to start crowdfunding for Kevin Magri's new karaoke machine. But we need to show some love to Alfred Briffa, the 65-year-old artist who we just can't get enough of.

Every day, X Factor Malta unleashes a new daily video on YouTube of the clips that didn't quite make the cut on the weekly episode. And yesterday, social media went crazy for the pensioner painter's performance. Briffa smiled the entire time, and was just humble and sweet throughout. And he dedicated his performance to his late wife, the most important person in his life. We're gushing.

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Alfred's nerves and dehydration got the better of him and he asked to start the song again, though the judges still weren't convinced of his performance.

But he sweetly didn't lose hope and showed the judges a clip of a previous performance he had done at another show. He was nonetheless sent out of the audition room with an end to his X Factor career, but he accepted the criticism gracefully with a humble, "It's up to you", shaking all the judges' hands before leaving.

Plus, he's got a portrait of Ira in the pipeline so his artistic game is still going strong. We're all rooting for you, Alfred!

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Did you love Alfred Briffa's performance as much as we did? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who needs to watch this!

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