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WATCH: Chucky Brings All The Tea (And Shade) For X Factor 2’s Penultimate Banter Episode

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There’s now only one episode to go to the X Factor finale and we’re not sure about you, but we couldn’t be more excited.

For this latest episode of X Banter, Chucky was given yet another ride by GasanZammit so that he could take us through the epic performances, moments which sound shady (but he promises they’re not), and everything in between of this week’s episode of the X Banter.

It comes as no surprise that Destiny continued to wow everybody with her jaw-dropping vocals while still managing to look like an actual queen; Yazmin and James as well as Bloodline were eliminated, and Chucky certainly did not hold back when spilling the tea about the decisions that were taken for Faith by the Lizard people.

Also, could this possibly have been the least controversial episode in the last few weeks?

Did you agree with Chucky in this episode? Who do you think should have been eliminated it not the contestants from this week? Find out all this and more on this week’s X Banter!

Tag someone who has yet to watch this week’s episode of X Banter!

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