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WATCH: The X Factor’s ‘Dog’ Has Been Shaved, We Have A New Hottie On Our Screens And So Much More In This Week’s Episode Of X Banter

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You know it, you love it, it’s X Banter and it’s back on your feeds for another week of X Factor breakdown. Chucky Bartolo’s back with his tassels and tea and girl it’s hot (just like Dav.Jr).

The X Factor’s pet ‘dog’ aka the sound boom has been shaved and, as Chucky would say: escandalo!

One hairless 'dog'.

One hairless 'dog'.

It’s finally time for the return of our angelic segment that shines a light on the season’s ġisem and, much like the rest of the nation letting out a sigh of naughty relief at the sight of David…

…Chucky lets out a tirade of guffaws and makes a fair point about the guy making use of the mirror he surely has hanging on his bedroom wall. Woody’s cute and all, but, well, David’s more than cute.

Obviously Destiny sang the house down but that doesn’t mean Chucky’s holding back on her vocals. If a girl can win Junior Eurovision then a girl can belt through her nerves.

Speaking of nerves, Chucky’s input on the whole ‘Howard Hates Anxiety’ fiasco that unfolded after a certain shaky audition (that has since been pulled from YouTube a la Matthew Grech minus hating on the gays).

Amy Mizzi gets Chucky’s slap of confidence, Karl Schembri would have surprised us all if it wasn’t for the production team’s poor attempt at ‘editing’ and apparently Ira wants to go camping with Mark Morales.

There’s all this and so, so much more in X Banter’s 4th episode of the second season.

Tag a friend who doesn’t watch X Factor to fill them in on all the gossip, because if you don’t tell them then Chucky will.

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