WATCH: X Factor Malta Contestant Opens Up On Road To Conversion From "Burdensome Gay Lifestyle"

'For the last ten years, I have lived in abstinence, and I am at peace with myself'

A couple of weeks after X Factor Malta (and all the drama and screeching high notes that come with it) started overtaking our screens every Sunday night, self-described "ex-gay" Matthew Grech also entered many people's lives... and conversations.

And, boy, was that something.

Matthew Video

Now it looks like the X Factor contestant is using this time to increase awareness of his journey. In this video he gives an account of his own personal experience; from the homosexual lifestyle he lived 10 years ago to how he has been celibate ever since becoming "ex-gay".

Yesterday night, local Facebook page Ex-LGBT Malta & Gozo shared a video of Matthew telling his life-changing story of how, in their own words, he found "faith in Christ has set him free from a burdensome gay lifestyle".

“The idea of being in a same-sex relationship annoyed me. I wish I had a solution to face my reality.”

Two months ago, Matthew Grech sparked controversy following comments on gay conversion that aired on X Factor Malta just before his audition. Within minutes of his audition being aired, social media flooded with comments complaining that TVM had aired his words without any context or warning.

Matthew is a singer, a vocal teacher and member of the Christian group River of Love, a group that promotes its rejection of homosexual lifestyles. In a video recently posted to Facebook, he says that he believes he wasn’t born gay “and that God created me as a normal potent man.”

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