WATCH: We Have Our First Finalists! Here Are The First X Factor Malta Contestants Moving On To The Live Shows

Are you happy with the results?

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So, last night's X Factor Malta episode was quite a ride. With the first Judges' Houses episode over we officially know six out of the twelve contestants moving on to the live shows.

This meant we had to say goodbye to some early favourites, including everyone's favourite Celeb Mama, Anna Faniello. But alas, that's the name of the game. We'll just binge watch her singing Nessun Dorma to fill the Anna shaped-hold left in our hearts.

In the category of the girls, judged by Howard Keith Debono and his guest Mike Hedges, we have:

1. Michela Pace

2. Nicole Frendo

3. Kelsey Bellante

And, judged by Ray Mercieca and local artist Matthew James, these are the overs:

1. Ben Purplle

2. Petra

3. Franklin Calleja

That means it was the end of the road for Karin Duff, Jade Vella, Vanessa Sultana, Anna Azzopardi and early stand-out and fan favourites Danica Muscat and Anna Faniello.

What do you think of the judges' choices? Do you agree with them?

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