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With One Month To Go Until Season Two, X Factor Malta Contestants Still Aren’t Sure They’ll Be Sent To Eurovision

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The second season of X Factor Malta officially launches in one month, bringing the biggest and most popular show to ever land on Maltese TV back with a bang.

However, with just weeks to go, contestants have been left wondering whether this year’s winner will get to become Malta’s Eurovision representative in 2020.

One of the conditions of the first edition of X Factor Malta was that the winner becomes Malta’s Eurovision hopeful, as last season’s winner Michela Pace was during this year’s Eurovision in Tel Aviv.

While rumours swirling that this year’s singer might not actually be sent to represent at the Eurovision, Lovin Malta reached out to PBS, who are part of the team behind the show, to see what this year’s winner could expect.

“I appreciate your interest in the process,” they told Lovin Malta in a statement. “In the meantime, I would like to inform you that PBS will be making announcements in due course.”

Speaking to some of this year’s hopefuls, one contestant said that Eurovision had only come up once in their journey so far.

“The only time they introduced the idea was in the producer’s audition, they just asked us about our views on the Eurovision song contest,” one contestant told Lovin Malta.

Another contestant simply said: “we don’t know”.

However, one person with inside knowledge of the massive contest said that “as far as they knew” nothing had changed and the winner would still be sent off to Eurovision 2020 to represent the island.

With just one month to go for the biggest music contest in Malta to kick off again, the hype is beginning to build- but what can we expect from Season 2, and, maybe even more importantly, what can the winners expect?

Do you think the winner of X Factor Malta season 2 should represent the island at the Eurovision song contest?

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