X Factor Malta Contestant's Mother Says Daughter Wasn't Eliminated, Parents Pulled Her From The Competition

"It's what any responsible parent would do"

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Drama never sleeps on the X Factor Malta

A Maltese mother has claimed her daughter wasn't really eliminated from the X Factor Malta, but rather walked away from the competition after being asked to join a group.

Nicole Hammett, 15, was cut as a soloist from the show during the bootcamp stage which aired last Sunday. But according to her family the editing left out some vital information.

"We her parents decided to withdraw Nicole from the competition. Any responsible parent would have done the same."

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Nicole and her group perform Bang Bang at bootcamp

Seen tearfully begging for anyone to swap songs with her on the last episode, Nicole eventually caught a break when a rival contestant gave up the smash hit Bang Bang to allow her to sing it on the bootcamp stage.

Nicole was originally pegged as a front-runner after receiving four yeses during her audition, but things took a turn for the worse as the group dynamics at bootcamp didn't work in her favour.

"There's someone among you who isn't happy that she's in a group," said a somber Howard Keith at the end of their performance. "Maybe it's because she only likes the spotlight to be on her all the time."

Nicole Hammetts' upbeat audition

What do you think about the decision?

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