X FACTOR PREMIERE: Here's Who Got Four Yeses And Who Was Sent Packing

14 performers tried their luck in the first episode

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After months of anticipation, Malta's version of the X Factor finally aired its debut episode.

Social media is buzzing with comments and opinions on the singers who braved the four judges, but who did enough to make it through, and who will have to try their luck in future seasons?

1. Claudio Zammit


While still on the fence between his music career or one in software development, Claudio's tone won over the judges as the first contestant on the show is also the first to get enough yeses to go through to the next round.

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2. Mark Anthony Bartolo


Moving Ira to tears, Mark Anthony's performance wasn't technically perfect, but the emotion in his voice and the raw talent is hard to deny. Couple that with his range and determination to show what he's got, and he stands out as one of the front-runners from the first episode.

This performance also marks (see what we did there) Malta's first ever 'four yeses'!

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3. Michela Pace


The young Gozitan singer impressed the judges with her modern take on an 80s classic. Showing off her comfortable control and unique tone, Michela was another standout of the night who also moved Ira to tears.

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4. Karin Duff


The redheaded singer who caught Ira's eye from the second she walked in said she was excited to be participating in the Maltese version of the show after trying three times on foreign iterations.

Karin's performance was enough to see the student midfwife through to the next round.

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5. Jassem Al Taher


Despite his touching story and moving words, Jassem's voice just wasn't enough to see him continue on in the competition. Vocals aside, the judges were moved by his story and songwriting, and encouraged him to keep persevering.

This performance marks the X Factor Malta's first ever rejection.

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6. David Ellul Robinson


While we're never really sure of what goes on behind the scenes of a reality show, David's attitude did not go down well with the judges. While initially the audience may be confused as to where their annoyance is coming from, seeing the way he reacts after getting four noes is pretty telling.

He's also invited to come back next year, which he bluntly rejects.

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7. Anna Azzopardi


Singing backing vocals all her life, Anna feels she's finally ready to fly solo - and her touching rendition of Joss Stone proves she's got what it takes.

Despite a strong vocal performance (easily one of the top singers of the night) judge Alex Alden did not feel she was good enough to make it onto the show. Thankfully, the other three judges disagreed, giving the audience at home a chance to see more of Anna in the future.

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8. Kevin Magri


It's hard not to love a man who's that into karaoke, and while the vocal behind 'feels like heaven' wasn't there, he took the criticism with grace and smiled the whole way through - and that's more than we can say for many other contestants.

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9. Matthias Brancaleone


He tried his best, but the judges wanted more. Offering him some sage words of wisdom about finding his own voice in the industry, and really immersing himself in the world of jazz, Matthias will have to wait another year for his shot at the crown.

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10. Matthew Schembri


The chef may be the contest's first rapper, but unfortunately the audition stages is as far as he'll be getting after receiving four noes from the judges. Despite his passion, Matthew was told he could barely be understood, and Howard Keith wasn't even sure what language he was singing in.

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11. Aidan


A familiar face in the Maltese Eurovision scene, Aidan took a risk by performing his own original song in the audition. But his boldness paid off with the judges giving him four yeses.

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12. Danica Muscat


While not everyone was convinced by Danica's blues-y tone, Ira Losco's swing vote turned the tide in her favour, granting her the three yeses she needed for the next round.

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13. Sarah Micallef Muscat


Nerves got the better Sarah, and unfortunately her rendition of Beyonce's Listen was too shaky to secure her a spot in the next round.

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14. Norbert


The night's final contestant was Norbert. No stranger to singing competitions, Norbert made a name for himself of the hit BBC show, The 100. Now back to shake things up locally, the young singer delivered a performance strong enough to earn him the final four yeses of the day.

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