X Factor Malta's 'Trumpet Girl' Is Already One Of The Island's Biggest Memes

Is there anything Sharleen can't do?


Last night's episode of X Factor Malta saw a fresh batch of hopefuls, four yeses, and hilariously awkward auditions. But amidst all of that, one face seems to have traversed the airwaves to instantly become a massive Maltese meme.

Even with everything from contestants ranting about gay conversion to one guy who literally got stabbed and still managed to turn his pain into beauty, Sharleen Theuma's trumpet-playing was still one of the most talked-about moments of yesterday's episode.

Theuma must've raised some eyebrows when she walked into the singing audition room holding a trumpet, but she later revealed that it was just for a short pre-singing treat she had prepared for the judges. And while neither her playing nor her singing was enough to propel her to bootcamp, Theuma's infectious smile, charisma and energy seem to have won over one much larger group of people; local memesters.

In less than an hour, Theuma quickly became a national meme, and here are some of the top mentions of the young woman many locals will now recognise and probably ask for an impromptu performance from.

1. Thanks to those pre-ad break 'Coming Soon' spots, people were hyped for Theuma's debut before her audition even started

2. Ira Losco really feeling that Mary Spiteri classic

3. Titanic memes will never get old

4. A legend is born

5. Every. Single. Time.

6. Is it even officially a meme until there's at least one Spongebob reference?

Screenshot 2018 10 22 At 12 47 27

7. If you're not a big fan of mass meetings, this is exactly what they're like

8. When mum's away, the mice will play. When mum's back, the party's only getting started

Screenshot 2018 10 22 At 12 50 32

9. By Monday morning, Theuma had been elevated to god-tier national meme

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