Your Malta Music Summer Playlist: 12 Essential Tracks to Get Patriotic About This Summer

Here's your proof that we've really got talent to spare

Xtruppaw Featured Image

What's the point of summer without and accompanying soundtrack? We all know that music helps to create an atmosphere and shape our memories. And when the music is by local musicians, that's all the more reason to feel connected to the sound. 

Here's a playlist that proves Malta is more than just sun and sea... it's about the songs too.

1. Xtruppaw – Frutsalad


Malta's favourite musical buffoons Xtruppaw actually open this song with the sound of crashing waves and chilled out ska strings, followed by a rumination on everyone's favourite beach-time snacks... or are they really talking about food here?

2. Mind's Eye Dub – Don Dub

Minds Eye Dub

A musical veteran of admirable longevity, David Magro, the driving force behind Mind's Eye Dub, has been an expert at melding reggae sounds with electronic melodica, and this track should ease you into that lazy summer mood nicely. 

3. Kill the Action – Last Train (Straight to Nowhere)

Kill The Action

With all the travelling we do in summer, a song about catching a train to nowhere should strike a chord (no pun intended). But this is also a refreshing cut from a fresh band: an electro-rock jolt with nostalgic 90s vibes that's easy to get lost in. It helps that its video was shot in Japan... 

4. Dolls for Idols – Berlin

Dolls For Idols

Easy on the eye electronic trio Dolls for Idols consolidate their image as one of the most effortlessly cool bands on the island with this song, and its slick-and-sexy accompanying video. 

5. Bark Bark Disco – Love Never Made You A Loser

Spearheaded by incorrigible trickster Ian Schranz (Beangrowers, The Shh) Bark Bark Disco are the musical equivalent of getting drunk on the beach with your friends. The comedy-horror video for Love Never Made You a Loser seals it. 

6. Brikkuni – Tiddi X-Xemx Fuq Din L-Għodwa Moħlija


Cult folk-pop act Brikkuni can be credited with making Maltese-language music 'cool' for a new generation, though these days they're more likely to get attention for the abrasive online presence of its frontman, Mario Vella. But this wistful song from their sophomore album 'Trabokk' shows a more delicate side of the band. It's actually the perfect expression of a lazy summer morning. 

7. Viper Soup Complex – Taxidermy Hotel

Viper Soup Complex

Nursing a hangover or just want to let your mind wander while the summer heat does its work? You could do a lot worse than kick back with this 11-minute (yep, you read that right: eleven) prog-rock-driven genre melange.  

8. Hey Sus – The Press

Hey Sus

Just take it easy with this indie trio: a side-project for Mike Stivala of Stalko fame. 

9. Stalko – In a Hurry


Malta's hipster darlings launched onto the scene with this single about not rushing through life... could there be a more fitting reminder to enjoy the sweltering heat of summer while it lasts?

10. Alex Alden – Just Like You

Alex Alden

This musical prodigy has been making waves abroad but still finds time to pop back onto our shores. And with summers like ours -- as the song's video clearly shows -- how can you blame her?

11. Lumiere – In Rememberance of Lovers Past

How about a blast from the past? This song from Mario Vella's (Brikkuni) former indie-rock outfit should be heard against a clear sunset while you're thinking melancholy thoughts. Because we all get them sometimes.

12. Clinton Paul – Beautiful Day

First off, if you haven't yet read our review of Paul's latest release 'Samsara', what are you waiting for? Secondly, here's hoping we all have the blissful summer's day Clinton Paul sings about here. 

Honourable mentionSummer Fling, off the same album.

The Boss The Bestie

BONUS TRACK: Fabrizio Faniello – Another Summer Night


Because, how can we not?

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