11 Memorable Maltese Lessons From 'Kelma Kelma'

We're still recovering from wiċċinu.

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The Facebook page Kelma Kelma has created hundreds of witty posts that teach us about the origins of Maltese words, the quirkier side to our language and, where necessary, create original phrases for new local trends. Here are 11 of our favourite moments from Kelma KelmaWhat are yours?

1. When they turned a lonely night of studies into a beautiful poem

2. When they dropped the biggest bombshell of 2015 with the Maltese word for 'emoji' #wiċċinu

3. When the Maltese pronunciation of English words gave birth to a new phrase

4. When they gave us this interesting mental image

5. When they found the perfect word for that one person who just doesn't get it

6. When they gave us 10 different ways to insult a show off

7. When they perfectly summarised the harshness of winter

8. Only to remind us that worse times are up ahead

9. When they described every Monday morning

10. When they summarised the way we speak

11. And when they finally put all our colloquial mistakes to bed 

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Chucky Bartolo

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