11 Things You Do When You’re Already Over Summer

We’ve had enough of sweating our pores out

Titus Fan

Even though it’s only been one month since summer started, and there are two still ahead of us, we’re already missing the colder months and the sun really needs to chill. Here are some things you always catch yourself doing when you're already bored of the summer.

1. You try to save up money to compensate for the start-of-summer splurge


All those end of exams parties money didn’t do your bank account any good.

2. You rejoice every time the temperature is one degree colder than usual

Lannister Dance

Winter is coming bitches!

3. You plan out your whole year


You’re bored of doing nothing, so might as well fill your schedule for a whole year. Time to start planning your uni electives I guess.

4. You actually enjoy your summer job, cos you’re kinda over going to the beach


How's that for a silver lining.

5. You start buying winter clothes


Now that summer sales are almost over, you should start thinking about your lonely winter clothes and buy them some friends to mingle with.

6. You play stormy soundtracks and pretend you're not melting

Rain Friends

Time to make your dreams (almost) come true.

7. You eat, cos food is the answer to everything

Ice Cream

Make yourself a soup and get sad as you realise it's probably the same temperature as the rest of the room.

8. You close the curtains and rewatch your favourite Christmas films

Minions Movie

Love Actually is obviously the way to go.

9. You start looking forward to returning to school

High School Musical

All that studying and assignments actually seem compelling now, cos at least they're something to do.

10. You complain about everything, hoping to get someone else to hate summer too

Grace Helbig

At least then you won’t be alone. 

11. You hide out under the AC, and just wait for it all to be over


Don't mind us, we're just counting down the days to October.

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