13 Things Everyone Hates About Malta

For God's sake people, learn to queue!

Literally Hate

Yes, 'Lovin' is supposed to be the name of the game, but we would be insulting your intelligence if we didn't also spend some time thinking, or rather venting, about the things in Malta that really, really get our goat. 

So here's a fresh dose of righteous anger to fuel your day, and hopefully get you thinking about ways to make this little island we call our home that little bit better.

1. Our inability to collect garbage properly

1 Trash Heap

2. The 'environmentally friendly' substitution of plastic bags... with plastic bags without handles

2 Are You Kidding Me

3. Construction workers who think they're auditioning for Cirque Du Soleil

3 Acrobat Fail

4. Our insane car culture

4 Fast

5. Our total disregard of bicycle safety (and general road safety too)

5 Bike

6. Cranes. And dust. And more cranes #CranesOfMalta

6 Cranes

7. The fact that road works always seem to be perfectly timed with rush hour

7 Rage

8. Traffic. Jesus Fucking Christ the traffic

8 Crying

9. Our ridiculous, space-sucking architectural monstrosities 

9 Mordor

10. The lack of public spaces without an imminent Planning Authority notice attached to them

10 Breathe

11. Queue hopping

11 Queue

12. The fact that everything's okay as long as it makes money

Bros Before Portfolios

13. The fact that we'll never have our own clap/chant at the euros like Iceland.

13 Whats The Point

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