19 Times Kris Micallef Made Us Thirsty AF

Can someone crank up the AC please?

Kris Micallef

Kris Micallef, a local photographer whose snaps have garnered international acclaim, has made it his life goal to fluster as many people as possible with every shot he takes. The images have a haunting beauty, and Kris' eye for detail and composition is phenomenal; but they also have another central theme that comes through loud and clear - see if you can spot it.

Here are 19 occasions Kris Micallef made us thirsty AF.

The blossoming beauty

The Losco shoot

The underwater adventure

The sneak peek

The #couplegoals

The cowboy

The popped collar

The stripped back realness

The flower arrangement

The backstage shenanigans

The diva pose

The dishwasher

The zip

The dock

The roof

The power-nap

The casual bath

The snapback saga

The man himself!

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Chucky Bartolo

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