3 Awesome Bieber Covers by Maltese Singers

We know the Biebs has a bad rep, but hear us out

Maltese Beliebers

It might be hard to admit it, but over time (and without even noticing) we've fallen a tiny bit in love with Justin Bieber. These three covers by Maltese artists are perfect examples of why we (secretly) love his new music.

Ceci Zammit Endrich

Ceci's heavenly take on Where Are You Now puts the Biebs himself to shame (and those high notes at the end are everything).

Joe Roscoe

Malta's teen heartthrob Joe Roscoe kills it with his cover of Love Yourself.


Another take on Bieber's Love Yourself, Bee's version is more casual, but extremely endearing.

Have a cover you'd like us to hear? Send it in and we'll check it out!

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Written By

Chucky Bartolo

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