4 Meals Made Better With Ġbejna

Get ready for some goat's milk goodness!

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As per some deeply buried clause in a United Nations convention (probably), a country does not enjoy true sovereignty until it has its own cheese; as if we Maltese needed another reason to love the ġbejna. The ġbejna itself is a lot more diverse than we give it credit for, so below is our tribute to good meals, made better with our little cheeselet.

Night Cheese

1. Ravjul

These carbohydrate pillows are a gift to us all, even in the plainest of sauces. The pasta-pocket is always open to new iterations of the original ricotta, and there's something about ġbejna stuffed ravjul that just works.


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2. Strawberry and ġbejna dumplings

This might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but the ġbejna's versatility saves it. Do away with the rock solid cheeselet for this one, and swap it for a “ġbejna friska” which can now even be purchased without the daunting health risk (ain't nobody got time for deni rqiq).

This recipe is originally based off a Hungarian dish called 'epres túrógombóc'. The only difference here is swapping out the plain old curd cheese, for a nice, wobbling hunk of ġbejna.

Hungarian Strawberry

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3. Fried ġbejna

This one seemed too easy to include, but sacrilegious to leave out. It’s a fried ġbejna, everyone. There is nothing about this that needs explaining. If you’re still not convinced by the title alone, please hold while I put you through to Paula Deen.

Benna Gbejna

4. Ġbejna and Maltese sausage dip

If you listen closely you’ll probably hear your taste buds sing the Innu Malti. For this recipe you’ll need to take every ingredient (bar the onions) and swap them out for our local alternatives. Shred the ġbejna, mash a Maltese sausage, mix everything together and flood a large hobża with the delicious mush.

Gbejna Dip

Photo credit: aspicyperspective.com

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