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5 Ways To Beat This Heatwave

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There’s something about the wind blowing on your face and making you feel even hotter that just screams ‘Summer in Malta’. Sure, we have the best beaches, bars, and barbeques to compensate, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape the heat. 

Or can you? Here are 5 handy tricks to avoid melting during this humid horror. 

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1. 6:00am swims

You’re gonna hate yourself when your alarm goes off, but it’ll all be worth it. Dive into crystal clear waters, free from the endless crowds of people you’re used to seeing at every beach. It’s also an interesting experience to swim in waters that haven’t been completely polluted by sunblock.

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2. Night Hikes

The days may be unbearably hot, but once the sun sets and that cool(ish) summer breeze kicks in, there’s nothing quite like a hike after dark. It’s still warm enough for you to enjoy your evening without quivering through your boots, but at least you can enjoy the spectacular views without your eyes burning from the sweat pouring into them.

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3. Long Drinks

You haven’t lived until you’ve kicked back, and sipped a mojito while listening to the waves lap against the shore. As an added bonus, if someone looks horrified after they’ve bumped into you and come off covered in sweat, you can always blame it on the drink’s condensation. It’s what summer is all about!

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4. Watch a movie

There’s something oddly satisfying about entering the cinema during the sweltering heat, cooling off under their AC, and then emerging a few hours later when the sun has already set. It feels like beating mother nature at her own (messed up) game.

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5. Insulate all the things

You may feel like you’re already too late to change things in your house, but trust us when we say things will only be getting worse. Here’s a few handy ways for you to prepare your home for what’s to come.

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