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6 Maltese Vans It’s Safe To Approach

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From a young age we’re constantly warned of the “stranger danger” posed by dodgy vans filled with delicious goodies. Obviously, here in Malta we do things a little differently. Thanks to the relative safety of our islands, some (and only some) vans sell the treats they’re promising, without any of those nasty, child-snatching side effects. 

1. Tal-bigilla 

This one’s for the bean loving hippies out there. The mushed Djerba bean paste (or bigilla, as it’s know in less pretentious circles) is sold fresh from one of the loudest of the mobile Maltese food vans. Once he’s in your street your plans for an afternoon siesta are ruined, so you might as well slip on your papoċċ, step outside and buy a nice, big dollop.

Morning Gid

2. Tad-donuts

We may not hear the siren song of the doughnuts guy as much as we used to, but the tasty treats are still sold from the back of a few white vans parked across the island. The real question here is: jam or chocolate?

Patrick Doughnut

3. Tal-ħobz

This type of van is probably the most popular in Malta, with almost every town having at least one guy driving around boasting about his buns. If you’re unsure where to buy your loaf, and you’re looking for a little bit of live entertainment with your meal, then Marsa is the place for you.

Oprah Bread

4. Tal-frott

Sure, LIDL might have a great deal on some exotic fruit you’ve never heard of (and probably don’t need), but nothing beats the convenience, or the freshness, of your local fruit truck. The next time you’re itching for some fresh produce, look out for the iconic green boxes, and the crowd of adorable old ladies that always surround it.

Cat Hat Fruit

5. Tal-ħut

Don’t worry if you can’t find this one right away, just close your eyes and follow your nose. Most of the ones you’ll find in areas like Marsaxlokk will have the freshest fish you could hope for, but it might also be worth checking out the one at your local zuntier. Just be sure you know how to spot a fresh catch before you approach them.

Fish Chef Gif

6. Tal-gelat

Summer doesn’t really start until you’ve had your first ġelat tal-magna (soft ice-cream).Even if you’re not a huge fan of ice cream, it’s a good excuse to use their seating to check out the beautiful view their truck is probably blocking.

Kimmy Ice Cream

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