6 Of Our Favourite Każin Treats

You can't go wrong with these Maltese staples.


Ordering a nice, tall glass of beer after a hard day at work is the perfect way to treat yourself. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the barman comes over and lays down a delicious tray of free nibbles in front of you. In that moment you hear a heavenly choir sing as the server is bathed in white light. Free każin food everyone, there's nothing quite like it.

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1. Galletti and ġbejna

A snack that is as quintessentially Maltese as it gets. Be sure to keep an eye out for the galletti is to ġbejna ratios, there's nothing quite as sad as having one last cracker with no cheeslet left to put on it.

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2. Żebbug mimli

Packed with flavour that explodes at the first bite, Maltese stuffed olives are little flavour fireworks and the perfect każin appetizer (oil stains on your shorts aside)

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3. Twistees

If you're a Maltese citizen and need any further elaboration on the above point, please hold while I pass you through to immigration.

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4. Bigilla

You can spin this one to be whatever you want it to be - bigilla with friends, mushed Djerba bean paste on a fancy(ish) date

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5. Fażola

The bitter tang on these butter beans compliments most beverages perfectly, but stay away from the fażola if you're out on on a date. Nobody likes a garlicy kiss, and even if they can get past that, you're not gonna want a stomach full of beans if the evening goes well

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6. Hobż biż-żejt

You can keep your fancy bruschetta! There's nothing better than fresh Maltese bread, spread thick with kunserva, and drizzled with local olive oil.

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