7 Films To Watch At The Valletta Film Festival

Treat yourself to something a little different this week.

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Starting tonight, the Valletta Film Festival will transform some historic locations across the city into open air cinemas. Over 40 feature films and 25 short films have their Maltese premieres from now till the 11th June, in Valletta. With this many films to choose from, we thought we'd simplify things and pick seven films you must watch at this year's festival.

1. Inhebbek Hedi (Tunisia)

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As the opening film of the festival, Inhebbek Hedi follows the story of a quiet young man following the path already laid out for him. Hedi is ultimately forced to make a choice for himself as a passionate love affair begins. 

2. The Yard (Sweden)

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A single father and poet loses his job after writing a review for his own book.

3. Parents (Denmark)

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After their child moves out, two parents try to rekindle their younger days. 

4. Mammal (Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

Mammal Gif

A divorced woman learns that her teenage son has been found dead. During daily escapes to the local swimming pool, she runs into Joe, a homeless youth. After offering Joe a room in her house, an unorthodox relationship develops between them. 

5. Girls Lost (Sweden)

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Based on the novel by Jessica Schiefauer, Girls Lost is a story about awakening sexuality and gender identity with a supernatural twist. 

6. Amateur Teens (Switzerland)

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With the power of social media pressuring a group of teenagers towards being cooler and sexier, they are pushed towards fulfilling the fantasies they see on their screen.

7. Keeper (Belgium, Switzerland, France)

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Bonus: Limestone Cowboy (Malta)

Limestone Cowboy

Set in contemporary Malta and inspired by true events, Limestone Cowboy is a human story of a family grappling with the discomforting notion of a delusional parent, Karist, who believes he has what it takes to run for office and get elected as the nation’s Prime Minister.

The films Monti Python and The Holy Grail, Time Bandits, and Brazil will be screened for free at Pjazza San Gorg. 

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