7 Maltese Viral Videos We Cannot Forget Part 1

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Love The Disney

While the mid 2000s saw Youtube take over the rest of the world, Malta remained, for the most part, out of it all. But over the years we've had our fair share of viral Maltese classics which have become momentous in our nation's history (The Great Siege, Independence, Ja mara ħazina). Here's Lovin Malta's roundup of 7 viral videos we cannot forget about.

1. "Ara Doris! HELLO"

Nothing says "life in Malta" quite like Eileen Montesin stopping a show she's presenting, to shout and wave at a friend she's spotted in the audience. You'll find the iconic moment at 00:16, for the impatient.

2. "Ja mara ħazina"

We've seen many bus fights uploaded to Youtube, but there's something about "Ja mara ħazina" that will always hold a special place in our heart. Not least because of the deadpan "The Office" stares the man keeps throwing at the camera.

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3. (Too many) doughnuts guy

The shock and horror that registers on his face when he's been assigned an incorrect number of doughnuts is truly a work of art.

4. "Whoever dreams you guys that flies?"

A masterclass in linking sentences that aren't in any way related to each other. This video also spawned Malta's best "news remix" video: Love the Disney

5. "I'm gonna kick your Maltese fucking ass"

There's too many things happening in this video to pin-point exactly why it's so special, but here are a few highlights: 

The guy from the USA expecting the Maltese driver to be upset by the whole ordeal while he screams "Live with yourself!!" (this seconds after he called him a cocksucker and smashed his mirror).

The Maltese guy driving off to a safe distance, stopping the car, getting out and yelling (in a thick Maltese accent): "Fuck your grandmother, asshole bitch."

And of course, the American guy ripping off his shirt and running after the Maltese man at the end.

6. Marija vs Bundy

The whole exchange is a gem, but there's one moment that summarises Malta's attitude towards most things. When asked to turn off her television so she could hear the presented better, Marja decided "qiegħed il bod ta, biex noqod mmur" ("it's too far away, I'm not gonna stay getting up").


We're not sure what's funnier: the hosts trying (and failing) not to laugh, or Norman Lowell's stoic "inkomplu" after his scream-fest.

BONUS: "Fish in the tank" - a TVI classic

"This nothing happen before. Can you check your tank roof?" 

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