7 Maltese Viral Videos We Cannot Forget Part 2

Because one list was definitely not enough!

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1. "Mummy's going to Venice..."

Can you imagine what he's going to do on her bed? In case you wanna be the lucky gal he picks, you'll need to be a "goodie-good girl, choir chick" and also probably a "lacrosse player".


The video that spawned 1,000 spoofs - and probably the biggest meme of 2015. If you want to skip straight to the iconic moment, head to 00:36.

3. "Malta Potatoes"

The video that defined our nation. The title alone is a work of art.

4. Chali (and Rover, of course)

The perfect combination of comedic timing, and that stellar Maltese accent (poor Rover, trapped in the daaastbin).

5. "Inti toqod fil-gholi"

Bundy's back, this time featuring Doreen, and the unsung hero of it all, Marylynne. She's not the hero Malta deserves, but she is the one we need right now.

6. Release the loaves!

A prank so good it made it to Zap de Spion.

7. Ewros Fuckers (Fuck Your Mudders)

A masterclass in Maltese curses. Pure art.

Bonus: The beach fight to end all fights.

It may not have gone fully viral, but it totally deserves to.

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