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7 More Things That Make Us Not Look Forward To Summer In Malta

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Live everywhere in the world, summer in Malta comes and goes, bringing with it a long list of great things. The beaches, the parties, the sun time and everything else that we happily take for granted are all well and good, but there a few things we can do without.

Following our list of things we’re not looking forward to about summer, here are seven more things we’re not big fans of when it comes to Malta’s summers.

1. Sunburns

It happens to the best of us, all the time. No matter how much sunblock you might be careful to put on, eventually you’re going to get burned at least once in your life. And that’s if you’re lucky.

The feeling of the burn itching on your skin as even the blanket you are trying to sleep under causes you pain, is one thing we never look forward to. Oh, and don’t get us started on all that skin peeling.


2. The pressure for the perfect summer body

I really didn’t have time to prepare this summer, I’m super out of shape,” say the supermodel and the hunk with a six-pack you can grate cheese off.

Summer is the time of revealing skin.  

Some people love it, but most of us dread it. Oh, cruel world, we promise we’ll be better next year. 


3. The sun bed fiasco

What do you get when you have people placing hundreds of empty sun beds across every beach in Malta, early in a morning before tourist arrive?

A hell of a lot of angry people. 

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4. The seaweed

If only it was the other kind of weed.

It’s always in front of the beach where there are no sun beds. The feeling of it sliding through your toes and passing over your skin just makes you want to scream. 

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5. Make-up sweat

Make-up in summer is something that must be maintained and cared for after it has been applied. 

There’s something about mascara dripping down someone’s face that apparently might make them unappealing. Who knew?


6. Flies

The unofficial summer anthem of Malta is definitely fly’s buzzing.

They just never stop coming. Waking up every day with new mosquito bites, whilst having a full on battle protecting your food from them is extremely annoying.  Sock up and get used to the smell of the Citronella candles. 

They won’t win this war. 

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7. The radio won’t stop telling you to put sunscreen and drink water

For the first few days, it’s OK. It’s actually important, we thank the helpful hosts for informing us about dehydration and the fact that the sun can be dangerous.

At around the fourth week, it starts getting repetitive between every song. 

But after the third month of hearing the public service announcement, you’ll be hard pressed not to find yourself literally yelling through the announcement to save your ears from hearing it again. 

So you switch your radio off, head to the beach… forget to put an adequate amount of sun cream, and you get burnt. Time to go all the way up to the first point bro.

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What are some of the things you’re not looking forward to this summer?

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