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8 Of Malta’s Best Places to Get Lost In

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Everyone enjoys a night out in good company, but sometimes we need to slow down, and just be alone with our thoughts. Here are some of the best places to get as close to lost as our tiny island allows.

1. Il-Maqluba, Qrendi



According to legend, in the land now known as Qrendi, a group of people led very blasphemous lives. God thought it was a good time for Malta to make a follow-up Bible appearance (it would seem Noah’s Ark thing wasn’t enough for humanity to learn). 

But he had promised not to drown the world again, so instead he sent a little woman to warn these people that a hard rain was gonna fall. But would they listen? No! So he buried their asses in the surrounding grasses. 

2. Dingli Cliffs


Photo Credit: Bernt Rostad

The perfect place for the early morning jog by the sea. The fresh, salty air will definitely help you get up an appetite for sticky ribs served with homemade wine. So don’t forget to pay Bobbyland a visit on your jog back.

3. Miżieb Woodland, Xemxija



If Dingli doesn’t do it for you, you’ll definitely be inspired by the Miżieb Woodlands. The picturesque setting has also been used time and time again in indie and big-budget films, perhaps most memorably in Kevin Reynold’s Risen (2016).

4. Buskett



Trees, bushes and dinosaur eggs abound. In our collective consciousness, we’ve got it damn close to being a fully-fledged woodland! It is, after all, our forest. And don’t anyone say any different.

5. Comino

Comino Tower

Photo Credit: Ronny Siegel

An island sitting pretty between Malta and Gozo, it’s long been inhabited by a family of four. But if you avoid the crowded beaches and take a long walk across the island, you’ll find the solitude you seek. 

6. Għadira ta’ San Raflu, Kerċem Gozo

San Raflu

Photo Credit: Norbert Vella

While it’ll take you a while and a million wrong turns to finally make it to Saint Rapheal’s Lake, (perhaps Saint Rapheal’s Puddle would work better here) you’ll discover a little piece of Zion once you get there. Of course, we’re not recommending you should dip here – skinny, or otherwise. 

7. Mdina, the Silent City

Mdina Night

Photo Credit: greynforty



If there’s one thing we’ve not yet managed to cock-up, it is this city. If you’re looking to experience a hint of medieval Malta, try visiting alone at night. You’ll see things from a whole new perspective.

8. Valletta, the Capital City

6167026549 C82Cb64638 B

Photo Credit: Shepard4711

While effort is really being taken for Valletta to become the great cultural hub it’s cracked up to be, some old streets have been completely ignored by twenty-first century progress. A few minutes trudging these old roads will help you lose more than just yourself in thought.

 Fortunately, it’s quite easy to get back head back to Republic Street in no time thanks to the grid-shaped road system. Heads up though, if you’re looking for peace be aware of the teens, who are still too young to head to Paceville, but show up in Valletta on Friday evenings. Then you really are left with no option, but to go get lost somewhere else.

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