8 Stages Of Shopping In Malta When You're Broke AF

Admit it - it's cause you wasted all your money on food.

Broke Friend

So you’ve decided you deserve a shopping trip; and where else would you go but Tigné Point? There’s just one tiny problem: as you reach for your wallet, you suddenly realise you’re stone cold broke.

 Like the responsible adult you are, you decide to go shopping anyway. Here’s how it usually goes down:

1. You walk in, the AC hits you, and you finally feel human again. 

Mamma June

You might not afford AC anywhere else, but in here you're a (sort of) paying customer and deserve to cool down! Time to get down to business. 

2. You notice that everything on the top floor is too expensive for your cheap ass. 

Hell No

Keep walking! Head down a level and find a shop where you can actually buy something with your remaining cash. 

3. You step into a shop that looks affordable, and leave the second you see the prices

Ginny Shock

River Island, I'm looking at you.

4. You stop to steal Cinnabon's WiFi cause you've got to upload that cute selfie you took earlier

Woman With Phone

Or maybe you need to check for Pokemon chilling at The Point. Either way, when you're actually rich you'll actually buy a Cinnabon; but not today.

5. You walk past certain shops and think: I'm broke, but not that broke

Adele Snaps

Debenhams? Bitch please.

6. You find all the right clothes at the perfect price, but none of them actually fit you

Spongebob Evil

It’s just the way the universe works, and it’s pure evil.

7. Just as you're about to give up, you stumble upon your new favourite shop

Ill Take Everything

Hello Bershka! It’s basically broke person heaven; you won’t go bankrupt for one pair of shorts, and their clothes are actually quite cool.

8. And... your card is declined


With that, your trip has come to an end. You grab the 2 bags of clothes you actually managed to pay for and stride out of there like you’ve got a shred of dignity left. Who needs basic life necessities anyway?

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