9 Lessons We Learnt From 'The People Of Malta'

Capturing the character of Malta, one photo at a time.

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Through a series of  captivating shots and autobiographical captions, the Facebook page The People of Malta has given us a unique glimpse into the lives of hundreds of people across the island. Some are happy, others sad, but each one shows that everyone has a story to tell and that we all have something we can learn from each other. Here are 9 lessons we learnt from The People of Malta:

1. Always be true to yourself

2. A bit of positivity can go a long way

3. Find a job you love so much, you're never really ready to retire

4. There's always time for a siesta

5. Good friends can make any day brighter

6. Travelling creates memories that last a lifetime

7. Where you come from will always be a part of who you are

8. It's never too late to start over

9. Parties are fun, but silence is golden 

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Chucky Bartolo

When he's not writing for Lovin Malta, Chucky spends his time talking puppies, politics, and pop stars (read: Mariah Carey); complete with unnecessarily melodramatic facial expressions.