9 Maltese Facebook Pages Everyone Needs To Be On

Turns out there's more to life than 'The Salott'

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The Salott may be everybody's go-to place for LIDL's opening hours (and other things apparently), but there are other Facebook groups out there that can be just as useful to help you simplify your life.

1. Recycle Malta

Cat Recycle

One man's trash is another's treasure. Plus this whole "not killing the planet" thing might work out for the better in the long run.

2. Wedding Talk - Malta

Wedding Gif

Wedding planning can get very stressful. You can ease some of that stress by finding lots of helpful advice for planning your dream wedding. If nothing else, seeing other people stressing out more than you is always comforting.

3. Blogs of Malta

Typing Gif

If you're writing a blog it's usually because you've got something to say that you want people to read... well, here are your people!

4. Women for Women

Girls Gif

A group for women to discuss women's rights, without the pesky interruptions in the form of mansplaining.

5. Legalize It, Malta

Alice Gif

For those who still didn't quite get it, the it hoping to be legalized is marijuana.

6. Malta Bargain Antiques

Vintage Gif

Whether you're looking to free up some space in your home, or make the ultimate hipster purchase, you're gonna find all the vintage goods you could ever need right here.

7. Diet Malta

Salad Gif

Dieting shouldn't have to be a shitty experience, and support in the form of likes (as well as tasty recipes) can help reduce the level of 'shitty'.

8. Green Patches - Gardening in Malta

Sam Garden Gif

Whether you've got a naturally green thumb, or you suck the life out of everything you touch (but are desperate to grow your own herb garden), this group is the one for you!

9. Rehome A Horse Malta

Pony Gif

Not sure how useful this one is to the majority of the population, but it is the most adorable thing ever.

Bonus: Ommijiet

Cool Mom Gif

This major gamble of a group has the perfect combination of useful advice sandwiched between multiple "what the actual fuck did I just read" posts.

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