9 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Mdina This Weekend

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The stunning hilltop city of Mdina, Malta's old capital city, has a timeless beauty that has impressed all those who have seen it for hundreds of years.  From scaring off invading Turks, to inviting in invading tourists, Mdina's beauty is hard to explain, but here's 9 photos that capture a glimpse of the city's character.

The beautiful view that greets you before you've even arrived

The majestic entrance to the Silent City

One of the many beautiful pjazzez overlooking the bastions

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The winding roads snaking through the city

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The gorgeous colour of the Maltese Limestone

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The ultimate Mdina experience: this killer view with a slice of Fontanella's cake

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They say money can't buy happiness but it can buy you cake and that's kinda the same thing...

Even random benches make the perfect Instagram shots

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And of course, the stunning Cathedral from the outside

And its equally beautiful interior

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