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9 Places It’s Impossible To Get On Tal-Linja

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It’s quite known (particularly to those who spend a lot of time travelling by bus), that days are often ruined by the lack of schedule reliability. When the buses aren’t late, they’re probably full and will leave you stranded on your stop. 

Despite some issues with unpredictable bus schedules, there are many stops you can avoid ahead of time, should you wish to get a bus that isn’t packed to the brim with people.

1. Għadira


Unless you’re the first person on the first stop at Għadira, there is no way you’re going to squeeze in. Don’t even bother trying to wait by the third beach.

2. Sliema


Tourists swarm into any bus that comes their way, so it’s no surprise that every one that passes by you at Sliema is shockingly full, and the driver gives you the annoying wave which you know means that you’ll have to wait another hour for your bus. Getting the bus from its source (usually The Ferries) is your best bet.

3. Imġarr (Gozo)


As the ferry empties, everyone on board piles onto the available buses, so anyone waiting slightly further down from the first stop is completely screwed.

4. Paradise Bay


After a peaceful day at the beach, you can forget every last shred of tranquility you had cos you’re never getting home with all the people stepping off the gozo ferry and flooding the bus you need.

5. Junior College

Kids Scream

The actual stop closest to Junior College will take some Maltese-style of queing, but you’ll probably get the bus you need. However, if you’re waiting at the stop after, you might as well just walk it to wherever you want to go.

6. Floriana


It would probably have been a better idea to walk to Valletta and catch the bus from there in the first place. But since you’re lazy, you’d rather wait and keep strengthening the bond between yourself and Bieb il-Bombi.

8. Paceville


The bus stop right after the venda is always a nightmare, more so when you wait there at night, realise the bus is full and try to accept the fact that you’ll have another hour waiting next to the person puking on your shoes. Particularly at night it’s best not to risk it and just wait at the terminus.

9. Mater Dei

Old Bitch

All those elderly people wanting to use the bus somehow always manage to shove you aside and occupy the bus completely before you even have a chance to get close.

Bonus: San Pawl tat-Tarġa


Good luck if you ever want to catch a bus from there… cos there aren’t any bus stops.

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