9 Reasons To Head To Science In The City Tonight

Valletta gets a fresh look tonight!


Science in the City, or as it's gonna be referred to from this point onwards - SITC, is the perfect marriage between science, and fun... and it's all happening tonight. Starting at 18:00, this event is the perfect way to ditch your conventional Friday night plans, and do something fun, different and memorable. Here are nine, of many, reasons you need to get down there tonight!

1. The big boys are coming


Six of Malta’s most prominent neuroscientists will be at Saint George’s square to discuss their ground breaking research in untangling the mysteries of the brain - from marijuana to dementia.

2. We’ll give you superpowers!


You can deny it all you want, but your mind is actually quite powerful. In fact, at SITC you’ll be able to control a robot and music with your mind at Brainrave.

3. For once, you won’t be stuck in traffic 

02 Youll Be In The Driving Seat

Designed by Maltese students, the SITC UoM Racing stand will simulate an actual race where you can drive and compete against others; only this time you won’t get a speeding ticket for it.

4. You'll experience a real night under the stars

04 Written In The Stars

You’ll get to see the gorgeous Valletta skyline from the Malta Postal Museum, and somehow understand Einstein’s work on the universe due to the exhibitions nearby. And then you’ll get to experience a performance in complete darkness – curious?

5. And get all the LOLs


If you are more of a kick-back-and-relax kind of person, then head over to our comedy night where stand-up and science meet. Get your C2H5OH at the pub and enjoy the merriment. The event starts at 22:00 and goes on till late... oh and it's for adults only.

6. Things might get steamy

05 Busking With A Difference

When busking combines science, technology, and arts, you get STEAM Street. 300 students are going to descend on Valletta to present you with virtual reality headsets, high speed cameras and much more. Health checks will also be on tap. For those who are brave enough, our feared tasting experiments are back again this year.

7. And you’ll meet the extraordinary ALICE… 

07 Alice In Cern Land

What’s the coldest and hottest place in the solar system? The sun? No. Pluto? No. It’s a 27km long tunnel running beneath the French / Swiss border. There will be a live link to the largest experiment on the planet all night long.

8. You can do your bit to save the planet!

08 Environmentalism Rocks

A plethora of NGOs have been invited to SITC, most of them champions for the environment, giving them a platform to share their latest discoveries from the world around us. Get acquainted with Malta’s insects, sea creatures, lichens, plants, sharks and find out how you can help save our little blue dot.

9. And ask all those hard-hitting questions


From IVF to euthanasia, SITC isn’t afraid to face controversy and discuss the issues you want to hear more about. Do you have questions? This is the place to ask them.

BONUS: You can let your hair down!

10 Funk Initiative

The extremely talented Funk Initiative will be playing on the mainstage at 8pm and 10:45pm. So you'll get to end your evening with some dancing - what could be better?

For more - www.scienceinthecity.org.mt

What are you most excited to visit at SITC tonight? Tag them on Facebook and stop by, tonight.

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