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9 Things You Have To Do In St. Julian’s

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Yesterday morning we were tagged in a tweet with a fairly simple question:

We tried to reply, but there’s no way to fit all the awesome things to do in St. Julian’s in just 140 characters; so we decided we’d make an article about it instead. Here’s 9 things you have to do while you’re staying in St. Julian’s:

1. Enjoy a traditional Maltese meal at Gululu

What better way to spend your first night in Malta than by trying delicious traditional Maltese dishes such as stuffat tal-fenek (rabbit stew), and qarnit  moqli (fried octopus). No meal is complete without dessert, so make sure you

2. Grab a scoop of ġelat from RivaReno

They’re a bit pricey, but totally worth it. Once your stomach is happy you can get an early night to

3. Start your day with a walk by the sea

Go on! You know you want to take selfies by the LOVE sign or an adorable Maltese luzzu. With your morning cardio done you can

4. Grab a fancy brunch at Waterbiscuit

Returning from Malta without a tan is not an option, so spend the rest of your afternoon taking a quick

5. Swim at St. George’s Bay

It’s hardly Malta’s best beach, but the local standard of beaches is extremely high, so that’s hardly an insult. After a hard day relaxing, it’s time to rest up and prepare for a night of fun.

6. Go Disco Bowling

It’s an amazing way to start any Friday night, and a good, gradual build up to

7. Paceville

The place to be on Friday… or Saturday… or Sunday through Thursday. No stay in St. Julian’s (or anywhere in Malta), is complete without a night to remember (or forget in Paceville). Once that’s done get ready to

8. Nurse your hangover at Shoreditch

Nothing soaks up a hangover quite like a delicious burger followed by a mountain of pancakes. You’ll know you’ve had the true St. Julian’s experience when you’ve finished lunch and are ready for happy hour at

9. Hugo’s for cocktails

If you’re looking for more fun things to do around the island, check out our events page!

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