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9 Things You Learn After You Move Out

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Everything has a learning curve, but when you move out for the first time you have to adapt fast. Well, you adapt, or you find yourself sitting on the floor eating noodles out of a cup every night. Here are 9 lessons learned the hard way, to help you prepare for the future.

1. You will never have enough storage.

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2. Always have fresh bread and milk, even though you’ll never finish an entire loaf/carton in time.

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3. Cleaning is an endless war; you will win many battles, but in the end you always lose.

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4. You will throw half of the fresh produce you buy because you keep ordering pizzas.

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5. The internet speed will never be as fast as it’s meant to be.

Throwing Computer

6. Peanut butter is an acceptable dinner if you have it with a glass of water.

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7. It’s cliche but yes, socks will disappear, and you will never know why.

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8. Something will always be broken. When you get round to fixing it, something else will take its place.

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9. Decorating is something that happens in the first month. After that you just decide that you’ve adopted minimalism.

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