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As Dog Kennels Are Completely Full, Animal Welfare Gozo Warn They Cannot Take Anymore Strays

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Animal Welfare Gozo has issued an urgent call for adoptions or fostering, in order for their services to continue welcoming in new strays.

This comes as it announced that dog kennels are completely full up, and they do not have space for any newcomers.

“Unless anyone comes forward to adopt or foster any of our dogs, we can’t take in any more,” it said in a Facebook post. 

“When you open your home to a dog, you would also be helping others on the street find care and shelter,” it said. 

“If you can, please come forward and opt for adoption or fostering.”

Hundreds of people have shared its post, in hopes of finding people that are able to take in some of the dogs held under their care.

Here are some of the animals at the shelter seeking a forever home:

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