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Can You Guess How Much One Month Of Maltese Junk Mail Weighs?

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How many times have you binned a pamphlet pulled from your letter box and thought “Jeez! How much of this shit do we receive?” For one resident of Gzira that rhetorical question always asked was not enough.

Gathering up all the junk mail he received in a month, Thomas Camilleri decided to weigh it, and see just how much crap one household can receive in 30 days. The scales displayed a number even scarier than the one usually shown after Christmas.

2.2 kilos of wasted paper. That’s per household of course, meaning a block of apartments can  see upwards of 15 kilos of junk.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Thomas (who works at the brand and design agency Switch) said that if companies took the money they wasted on printing, and invested it into a proper, online system of advertising, they’d save money and the planet.

We just hope the government’s public consultation on junk mail held last January doesn’t turn out to be a huge waste of paper too.

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