Malta's Shipyard Looks Like The Coolest Place To Be As Crew Repairs 100-Year-Old Vessel

Palumbo helps get 'Starlight' ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean

An (extremely) old fishing boat and its crew of Australian thrill-seekers are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime; and it's all starting right here in Malta. 

Following an impulse purchase back in 2007, the crew have now flown out to Malta (the final resting place of Starlight) to work on making "the old gal" shipshape once more. And with plans underway to sail from Malta to Australia (with a couple of stops along the way) the team has appropriately titled their journey The Wet Way Home.

Shipyard 3

Together with some help by the locals, Starlight is looking primed and ready for her not-so maiden voyage, which will include stops in some incredible locations such as the Canary Islands and Barbados. The rest of the journey is a little bit hazy, as the crew is working on the mantra: no plan is the best plan.

Shipyard 1

They'll also be filming the whole journey, and we can't wait to see what adventures they get up to along the way!

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