13 Church School Moments All Girls Will Remember

Here are a few Saint-Someone's school confessions you can definitely relate to.

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1. You sang Latin songs at an age when you could hardly speak English. Altogether now: "Benedict Tecuuuum"

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2. "Anything for the missionaries, girls?" 

As a five-year-old, when the teacher asked this question you'd lose sight of the tuck shop snacks at the end of the tunnel and await the circulating tin to reach your desk. You'd wilfully give away your treasured pennies, and even compete with neighbouring students to be the most generous. Sometimes you'd be promised a gold star for your contribution... like feeding candy to a baby, ironically.  

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3. School concerts were re-enactments of Bible stories, of course, and the kids who played Jesus became overnight celebrities. 

Jesus Christ Superstar is right. (Where were those gender neutral Uni bathrooms when you needed them?)

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 4. Seeing a nun without her veil was shocking. 

From that day on your mind would drift off and picture all the other nuns with different hairstyles. 

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5. Finding out Sister David’s name wasn't actually David was just as much of a revelation. 

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6. Casual day was the event of the year, albeit with its own limitations. ''No midriffs please.''

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7. You were ordered not to listen to rock music because ''It's the devil's work!''

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8.Your skirt has been measured by a ruler, your face analysed for make up and you’ve been charged 50c to remove your nail polish. 

''5cm above the knee girls, no more!'' 

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 9. You’ve skived classes to go to confession - and it was encouraged.


10. Nothing stood in the way of Mass, not even a maths lesson.

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11. There was one day in your whole scholastic life when you were allowed to dress like a total slut, the last day of Fifth Form. On this occasion you were judged for not having cut your skirt short.

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12. You’ve witnessed/been a part of a messy bitch fight at some point in your life. 

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13. Male teachers had an extremely high turnover rate because no matter how much older or heavier he might have been, he looked ‘just like Michael Scofield!’ 

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