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‘Europe Is A Way Of Living’: EP President Roberta Metsola Addresses Students At Harvard University

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European Parliament President Roberta Metsola was graciously invited to address students at Harvard University in Cambridge, America.

Speaking with Lovin Malta, Metsola said that it was an honour to be able to address current global challenges with Harvard students. 

Her speech was mainly focused on the EU and the US having a shared dream and promise and thus must form stronger, mutually-beneficial, economic, social, and security ties.

“A renewal of our transatlantic alliance is crucial if we are to face up to the new and very dangerous realities shaping our societies and communities,” Metsola said.

She added that at the moment, in Europe and in the US “we are seeing these issues being used to bring back identity politics in a crude attempt to win elections by appealing to the very worst in our nature”.

“It is the use of misinformation to create ‘the other’ upon which we can blame all of our ills. Or the concept of the mysterious ‘elite’ ruling in Washington DC or Brussels. It is a tactic as old as politics”.

“Its intention is not to solve problems or make people’s lives a little bit easier or a little bit safer. It is the last port of call for those with no answers. For whom power is of itself a goal. We need to counter this narrative and push back or watch as our societies turn on themselves fuelled by misinformation and distrust.”

President Metsola added that “to do that, we need to rebuild the centre of our political landscape back into the force of global positive change we know it to be. Compromise and studied moderation are not outdated concepts – indeed they are the only way forward”.

She added that the transformational impact of Europe on our societies, communities, standards, economy, and environment meant everything. “It was about our security, about strength in unity and the comfort of belonging.”

Metsola said that she thinks very often of those days, and when looking at Ukraine, Moldova, to the Western Balkans – she knows how existential this is to people in those countries.

“So when we talk about the ‘struggle of relevance and value’, we must understand that for millions, the concept of Europe is everything. It is not just a destination. It is a way of life and a way of living,” stated Metsola.

Metsola concluded by saying “this is our moment. It is the time for our generation to pick up the mantle, to re-affirm the need and value of democracy, of multilateralism. I am convinced we can meet this moment”.

What did you think of Metsola’s address?

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