Filfla Gets The David Attenborough Treatment In Amazing New Underwater Documentary

Who knew we were just five kilometres away from an underwater paradise?

The Malta Airport Foundation have just launched a stunning 30-minute long documentary all about the vast marine-life surrounding this stoic rock off our shores.

Sting Ray 1

A stingray chilling on the seabed.

If you thought Filfla was just inhabited by lizards, think again. Our islandette is home to a bucketload of unique species, like the spiny lobster and stunning moray eels that are capitalising on the lack of human interference. 

Filfla 7

The tiny island rocking all angles.

The documentary has been produced by environmentalist stalwart Alan Deidun, Pedja Miletic, and Shaun Arrigo a photographer and filmmaker with a strong portfolio of marine-based work. 

Amberjack 3

Amberjacks - less chill, more fish hunting.

The film traces Filfla's unknown history – from it's role as a safe haven during the outbreak of cholera on Malta and Gozo, to more recently as a colony for different terrestrial and underwater species. 

Scorpionfish 3

Scorpionfish pretending it's seaweed. Sneaky scorpionfish, you get that ambush!

Every inch of this 15-acre rock is captured through gorgeous, captivating footage, with clear, insightful narration. It's a must-see for any nature-lover, and adds a whole new level of wow to Malta's heavenly-Mediterranean status. 

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