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Here Are Some Simple Daily Things That You Can Do To Help The Environment

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There’s no hiding from it. The state of the environment is only getting worse and worse, leaving scores of people feeling helpless in the face of the growing crisis.

It can be frustrating to feel like you’re watching things unfold from the sidelines, but the truth is, we can all do a little bit to contribute to the solution.

Here are some simple suggestions for us to help minimise our negative impact on the environment, and move closer to a more positive one. 

1. Buy Local

This could not be any more important right now, with many farmers starting to face eviction notices due to an agricultural leases reform being long overdue, farmers need all the support they can get.

Next time you’re buying something like meat, fish, or vegetables, try to make sure that you’re buying local produce!

2. Swap out your meat for veggies

Okay, don’t jump on us, we’re not telling you to completely abandon your beloved meat products, we know how hard that can be, especially for an island like Malta.

All we’re saying is, try swapping out your meat for some vegetables, for example doing your bolognese with lentils instead of minced meat for a change. Reducing meat intake would really help target issues like global warming.

3. Keep a cloth tote bag with you at all times

Sometimes going for errands to the supermarket or shopping wouldn’t even be planned, so try start keeping a cloth tote bag with you at all times.

This way, you’ll be actively avoiding using single-use plastic and bags, in turn reducing plastic use. Just fold it up and throw it in your everyday bag or your car.

4. Don’t throw away your glass jars

Many products in our kitchens come in glass jars, and hopefully, they are being recycled when thrown out.

However, we have another alternative to throwing them out – simply leave it to soak for around an hour to get the label peeled off, wash them up, and reuse them as storage containers for your lunch or leftovers.

5. Thrift!

Thrifting has been on the rise all around the world for a few years now, with more young people choosing thrift stores over high-end fashion stores. The best thing about thrift shops is you’re making use of existing items that would otherwise be thrown away.

So keep it in mind for next time, you’d be amazed at the gems you could find while out thrifting. Oh, and check out our five best places to thrift for a good cause in Malta.

6. Carpool or use public transport when you can

This is quite an obvious one, but it never gets old. Malta’s roads and air quality could really benefit if fewer cars are on the road, as fewer emissions will be thrown into our air.

So maybe team up with a coworker, or take it up as a personal challenge, to ditch your own car when you can.

While an individual effort will definitely not change the world, collectively we can all start to make a difference, by striving to line up our daily actions with sustainability.

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When Sasha (formerly known as Sasha Tas-Sigar) is not busy writing about environmental injustice, she's probably fighting for women's rights. Follow her at @saaxhaa on Instagram, and send her anything related to the environment, art, and women's rights at [email protected]

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